Care Coordination

Care coordination among pharmacists, prescribers, and care managers is important for improving patients’ medication management and overall outcomes. 

Whether filling prescriptions with us or receiving non-prescription services, when you become a Mitchell’s Drug Stores patient, we assign one of our Certified Pharmacy Technicians, Community Healthcare Workers, or Pharmacists to work directly with you to help with things such as medication scheduling and refills, navigating the healthcare system, communicating with your doctors, connecting you with local services which meet your personalized needs, and with recommendations to optimize your medication regimen for the lowest out of pocket cost possible.

Our Pharmacy Services provide quality patient care with a medication management service available to providers and patients throughout the illness. We specialize in:

• Centralized Pharmacy Services
• Medication Assistance Patient Support
• Comprehensive and Targeted Medication Management
• Patient and Provider Education
• Quality Measure Management
• Medical/Pharmacy Benefit Drug Spend Management