Prescription Savings Opportunities

Your pharmacist is an important part of your healthcare team.  Schedule your medication savings evaluation today with one of our staff.

To help our patient’s save on prescription medication, we offer prescription saving opportunities and programs such as:

  • 100 Day Supply
  • Mitchell’s Rx Rewards Drug Discount Program
  • Manufacturer Support
    • Drugs with Copay Cards
    • Drugs with Trial Cards
  • Medicare Part D Plan Reviews
  • Formulary Navigation
    • Most prescription insurance plans include drug lists (formularies). Our staff can help maximize your drug plan while minimizing your out of pocket cost.


We have been helping our community save on prescription medications for over 20 years. Medication costs for Americans have grown exponentially over the last few years. Mitchell’s Drug Stores has a dedicated staff member who works specifically with patients and their doctors as well as the drug manufacturers and third party insurance companies to help keep your prescription costs under control.  Recently, one patient had insulin costs over $1200 per month. Our expert worked with a foundation to get the insulin for $0 per month for this patient. Our expert was also able to get the insulin her doctor had prescribed for her. If you would like to save on your prescriptions, please schedule an appointment below to learn more.