Safety & Accuracy

At Mitchell’s, we care about the health of Our Community.  Schedule your review today at our friendly pharmacy.

To guarantee the accuracy of our prescription services, we utilize cutting edge technology and systems that make our prescription processing fast and accurate. This allows us more time to work directly with our patients to provide the highest level of service. 

We utilize the latest bar coding, imaging, and automation technologies such as: 

  • ScriptPro Automation
  • EyeCon Verification
  • RapidPak Automation
  • Pioneer Prescription Processing and Care Planning Technology 

At Mitchell’s, we employ EyeCon counting and verification technology. The robot verifies the correct drug, counts the amount needed to fulfill the prescription, and stores an image of the fulfilled prescription.

We also use Scriptpro robots integrated with our Pharmacy system. The robot automatically receives the details of the prescription, grabs an appropriate size vial,  finds the drug, counts the pills as they enter the vial, then applies the label, and ejects the prescription via conveyor belt to an awaiting technician.

Our newest edition to our technology is the RapidPak system. An automated pill dispensing system which organizes all your meds by time of day needed in 1 convenient pouch which has all the details printed on it.